Our commitment is to delve into the lifestyle of each client, understanding the unique traits of their personality, their preferences, aspirations, and goals. It is the only way to design the ultimate Yûgen experience tailored to each client.


We have a wide range of vehicles and staff dedicated exclusively to transfers. Our clients appreciate their discretion, courtesy, and commitment, which are values that characterize us.


We organize all kinds of events, taking care of everything our client needs to enjoy and fully embrace every experience, without any of the worry.


We have an outstanding team that is highly skilled at planning and developing customized trips, always with the highest standards and the option to create synergies between our wide range of services.

Healthy Wellness

At The Yûgen Group, we are aware of the perfect balance between support, training, and encouragement that well-being requires. That's why we offer trips and getaways focused on personal development.

Real Estate management

We specialize in property management all over the world, offering a wide variety of bespoke professional services to both private and institutional clients.


We have an exclusive hunting organization throughout Spain that will allow you to enjoy the countryside in all its splendor (partridge shooting, stalking, monterias, etc.).

Our luxury management services.
The Yûgen Group
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