Global coverage

Running both regional and international flights, The Yûgen Group can take you wherever you need to go, from the busiest international airports to the most exclusive destinations.

Custom aircrafts

We provide access to over 5,000 private and medically equipped airplanes and helicopters worldwide.

An experience in every flight

We ensure the highest level of comfort on flights designed exclusively for our clients, with impeccable service and stocked with their choice of food and drinks as well as their preferred entertainment options.

24/7 Service

Our team of experts in private aviation is exclusively dedicated to finding the best aircraft options for your private flight needs.


Discover the different models of private jets, different categories and manufacturers.

  • Passengers

  • Cabin width

  • Cabin length

  • Cabin height

  • Manufacturer

  • Baggage

  • Autonomy

  • Cruising speed

Why should you use a broker like The Yûgen Group for your private flight needs?
The Yûgen Group
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