Meet & Greet


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Available at almost every airport in the world.

  • Arrivals

    • Plane-side pick-up by our staff.

    • Shuttle from the plane to the terminal.

    • Private passport control.

    • Transfer to destination.

    • Luggage collection and delivery to destination (no waiting).

  • Departures

    • Luggage and passport collection 2 hours before flight (no need to go early to the airport).

    • Passenger pick-up one hour before flight.

    • Private security and passport check.

    • Shuttle to plane and direct embarkation.














Hiring policy:

  • Payment is made in advance by transfer or credit card.
  • Passport(s) and flight details must be sent.


  • *21% VAT not included
  • **Some airlines require the passenger to be present for check-in
  • ***Services requested less than 48 hours in advance will incur a 40% charge in addition to the total price.

Cancellation policies:

  • Up to 72 hours without penalty
  • 50% - between 48 and 24 hours
  • 100% - less than 24 hours' notice
  • 100% fare is charged if the client is a no show


*These prices and conditions apply to Madrid Airport. For other airports, please contact us directly

In our services

Meet & Greet

Flying gets more and more complicated by the day: long queues, long waits and having to drag luggage or deal with airport staff takes away from our time and can

put our health at risk.

With the VIP Meet & Greet service, our aim is to offer you a different flight experience so you can make the most of your time and avoid waiting around inside a plane and being in contact with other passengers. We've been offering the Meet & Greet service for quite some time at all the world's major airports.

Why waste time queueing if there's a specialized company that can do it for you? Order your favourite meal or magazines, and we'll make sure the check-in, bag drop and luggage collection processes are a mere formality you don't even need to think about. Or you can arrive just in time for your flight. We'll make sure everything is ready for you.

When we travel, we just want to get there as soon as possible and settle into that work meeting or get home to the family. Our service offers you the chance to forget about all the hassle. As soon as you touch down, we take care of the rest. A car will whisk you away to your destination. We'll take care of arranging a private security and passport check with the authorities. Once you've arrived, we'll send your luggage straight home, so you don't have to wait around. All done in the best cars with the best service.

Order our services with top of the range vehicles like Class S, Mercedes V, Maybach or our fleet of Range Rovers.

Meet & Greet is the most VIP way to travel on a commercial flight offering unbeatable service, seamless access and a truly unique experience.

  • Available for all flights and terminals

  • Private terminal for the client

  • No waiting

  • No need to walk through the airport (safer travel)

  • No stress, no queues

  • Door to door service

  • Private security and passport check (no need to come into contact with other passengers)

  • Door to door service from the plane to your home

  • Bespoke services before and after the flight

  • Luggage and passenger airport transfer included

  • The fastest way to embark and disembark on long-haul flights

  • Private airport for commercial flights

  • Use it at any airport in the world